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Getting involved and participating in your child’s school community is an important way to demonstrate to your children that education is important. Children whose parents actively participate in the life of the school often perform better academically as they see education as being relevant to their lives.

Where parents, students, teachers, principal and other staff feel supported and encouraged, the school community flourishes.

Great Schools don’t just happen, they are created.’

There are two different types of parent activity in schools:

‘Involvement’ refers to the contribution that parents make to the life and business of a school without necessarily being part of the decision-making process. This may include excursions, hearing reading in classrooms, joining working bees and fundraising, being part of remedial programmes, coaching sporting teams, helping children at home and attending information sessions.

‘Participation’ refers to parents sharing in the making of decisions about school aims, policies and programmes with staff and students. This may, for example, include being part of Parents In Education group (PIE) or the school council or its sub committees.

Bees Creek School provides many opportunities for parents to become involved in the school community and to participate in the educational decision making process. It equally values whatever level of involvement and participation parents feel comfortable with. For further information, talk to our School Council Representatives, Partners in Education group, the Principal, Senior Staff or Classroom Teachers.