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Uniform Policy

Policy Update Term 1 2017


The purpose of a policy on school uniform is to provide for parents and students, a clear and common understanding of what is required in the wearing of a school uniform.  A synthesis of contemporary research is that schools with policy on full school uniform are more likely to be high-performing academically and also less prone to high rates of bullying, exclusion, absenteeism, suspension and poor student behaviour choices.

School uniform is also compulsory in Transition to Year 9 in the NT.  The NT Government’s policy on Compulsory School Uniforms T-9 (SM-01.7) states:  “All students in Government schools from Transition to Year 9 are required to wear an authorised school uniform whilst on school premises and when attending official school activities during and after school hours”.

Policy Statement

A school uniform encourages a sense of belonging and provides a visible identity with the Bees Creek Community.

A school uniform eliminates for parents and students unnecessary costs associated with fashion trends and peer pressure.

Our uniform reflects the distinctive nature of Bees Creek Primary School. Our school colours, chosen by our students, are gold and black.  The school logo featured on the polo shirt, consists of a computer and a native animal, symbolising the rural nature of our school and the progressive nature of the programmes offered. The logo also carries the motto “Harmony through Care” (Commitment, Accepting responsibility, Respect & Excellence).

There is also a reversible bucket hat with our house team colours inside that is to be worn as school uniform. The house names, Sattler (red), Strauss (maroon), Livingston (blue) and Pell (jade) were chosen by our student representative council from the WW11 airstrips in and around the rural area.


Students will:

  • Wear the *full school uniform to school, every day.
  • Wear the prescribed school hat all year round (to meet the school’s commitment to being a Sun Smart school).

Parents are expected to:

  • Support the school in the matter of correct uniform.

Bees Creek Primary School/Staff will:

  • Encourage students to wear the correct uniform at all times.
  • Provide a Uniform Shop and process NT Government Back-to-School payments as a means of assisting families to comply easily with this policy.

* The full school uniform consists of the following:

  • Girls: Prescribed polo shirt with plain black shorts or skorts (at least mid-thigh length with no logos/markings), a school hat, closed-in shoes such as runners or sandshoes.
  • Boys: Prescribed polo shirt with plain black shorts (at least mid-thigh length with no logos/markings), a school hat, closed-in shoes such as runners or sandshoes.


In the event of a student arriving to school, not in full uniform, a teacher or any other staff member will provide a verbal reminder of our policy and present the student with a ‘Uniform Notice’.

Exceptional Circumstances:  The school recognises that occasionally, due to family reasons a child may come to school out of uniform. On these occasions parents should provide a note to the class teacher. The Principal may also approve special occasions where uniforms are not required to be worn.


Resources:  DET’s Policy for school uniforms; http://www.det.nt.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0019/694/CompulsorySchoolUniforms.pdf